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Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast where you'll find inspiration to lead a bigger life through adventure travel.

On each show we explore exciting multi-day active vacations from around the world where you have to MOVE!  You'll have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride (sometimes in combination) to propel yourself to the next destination.

If you're tired of typical vacations and are looking for a more authentic experience by exploring the landscapes and meeting the locals on your vacation, then this is your podcast!

All adventures will be doable for someone reasonably fit (I'm a 58 year old woman and I have to be able to do them).

Be sure to visit to see photos and get more details, plus you can download the FREE Travel Planners for each destination!  These handy summaries summarize the tips and provide all sorts of helpful links to help you plan your trip.  You get them automatically if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Jul 11, 2019

Most Popular : USA
Lake Jocassee at Devil's Fork State Park, SC
Join my 93 year old Mom and I as we explore Mom and my late father's favorite getaway.  This is mainly a water adventure along the MASSIVE 90+ mile shoreline.  There is a cool trail on the summit nearby for hikers.  Perfect for kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboard (BYO) and boating.  There are boat tours and kayak tours, and once you leave the dock, you are surrounded by pristine wildness.  Less than 40 homes on the shoreline!
Book early and get a waterfront cabin.  Affordable and nice!  There's a campground both at the park and on a nearby island (rustic and accesible only by boat).

Jocassee Episode : Listen now and/or get more pics and info

Most Popular:  Canada
 Banff National Park and Lake Louise
I interviewed John, whom I met while hiking in New Zealand.  He lived in the Banff area for years and gives us the scoop on one of Canada's most popular national parks.
What CAN'T you do in Banff?  You can day hike, backpack, bike, paddle, boat and chill out is a cool town.  No car needed!
This is a great year 'round adventure destination for those that don't mind the cold and love winter sports.  Plus you just might see the Northern Lights from a hot spa!
Banff National Park Episode : Listen now and/or see more pics and info

Most Popular South America
Machu Picchu Peru
One of ATA's most popular epsiodes of all time.  Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and see the sunrise come up through the Sun Gate.  Sure you can take a bus to the site, but to REALLY EARN your view (plus you also get there before the crowds!).  It's tough and A LOT of steps, but worth is and on many hiker's busket lists.

Machu Picchu Episode : Listen now and/or see more pics and info

Most Popular : Europe
Mont Blanc through Switzerland, Italy and France
The Mont Blanc episode runs neck and neck with the Machu Picchu for the title of the most popular Active Travel Adventures podcast.  Ironically, this episode is an interview of Linda, who is married to Harry from our Machu Picchu episode.  Too funny!  I plan to do both adventures in a single year and will see which one I prefer.
Mont Blanc Episode : Listen now and/or see more pics and info

Most Popular : Central America
Costa Rica
This show has special meaning to me as I took my sister, Terry, on her first adventure travel holiday and we had a BLAST!  We also climbed Costa Rica's tallest mountain, Chirripo at over 12,500' - my highest ever.  It was a tough climb almost straight up 12 miles with 7000' elevation gain.  We got up at 3am so we could do the last three miles and reach the top at sunrise - magical!  
The whole trip was a blast!  I also loved our two day stay in the rainforest where we rafted the Pacuare river - one of the most scenic in the world!
Great hiking, fabulous landscapes and wonderful wildlife.  An epic trip!
Costa Rica Episode : Listen now and/or see more pics and info

Most Popular Oceana 
New Zealand (Three part series)
My most favorite adventure of all time!  What didn't we do?  We hiked the iconic trails, mountain biked, kayaked and rafted as we explored this magical country with such diverse landscapes.  There is no 'ugly' in New Zealand!  The locals are super fun, friendly and welcoming.  We visited the South and the North Island and if you go, make time to do both!  Well worth the long flight!!!
New Zealand Episode Part I South Island        
Part II South Island con't           Part III North Island
Listen now and/or see more pics and info on the links above

Most Popular Asia
Vietnam/Cambodia by Bike
After this interview, this trip shot up to the top of my Bucket List!  What a great way to see this part of Southeast Asia:  Karen and Norm were on a guided and van supported bike tour, so they got to see a lot and really mix with the locals.  BONUS:  They also got to tour Angkor Wat in Cambodia by bike so they also got to avoid the crowds.  Don't be surprised to hear my own episode of this adventure in the next year!
Vietnam/Cambodia Episode : Listen now and/or see mor pics and info

Most Popular : General Adventure Information
Building Your Bucket List
Chase offers us some great insights in to how to think about and then build a bucket list.  He offers encouragement for us to then take the next step and actually go after and DO THEM!  Certainly one of the most inspirational episodes on the Active Travel Adventures podcast!
Bucket List Episode : Listen now and/or see more pics and info

How To Add Adventure Travel to Your Life
There are FIVE STEPS:
1. Choose a Destination and ActivityA great way to get ideas is to poke around the Directory Page for this podcast.  DREAM.  
Figure out the best time for you to get away for your adventure.  When is the best time of year to do your adventure?
Are you an adrenaline junky?  Or are you like me who likes to hike for 'pretty'?  I will hike up and hard mountain to see a gorgeous view or landscape.  Do you want to test your mettle?  How about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone by visiting another culture where you can't speak the language?  I encourage you to +1 outside your comfort zone.  That's where you'll get the greatest satisfaction!
3. Budget : Adventure doesn't have to be expensive!
Pay yourself first.  Have a certain amount automatically withdrawn and sent to a special Travel Savings Account.  THEN try to cash flow it as much as possible (pay some of the bills as they come in veersus pulling from your Travel Savings Account. Often you won’t miss it!  Really!  Whatever amount you think you can save, add 20% to it.  You may find yourself surprised that your honestly CAN live without that money - seriously!  Change your mindset that savings is deprivation and consider it as a TREAT for yourself.  You work hard and deserve this!
Many adventures cost about the same or less than home except for the travel: 
Example: Pisgah National Forest Episode, Gas money $100, brought my own food and drink. Ice and a map Total: $125
Example:  Jocassee Lake  Gas money $100, Cabin $140/nite slept 5 and plenty of room for air matresses or sleeping pads. Full kitchen so can bring food or cook, same as home.  Go with five friends and you pay $180/wk. 
Save money by getting a cheaper flight.  Learn how on the Adventure Travel Show Podcast Episode 007 on Cheaper Flights.
Camping not your thing, think hostels, especially outside of North America.  Adults are allowed in most.  Some are super nice and you can get a private room.  I also like hostels for socializing as sometimes I get lonely when I travel solo. Prices run the gammit, but significantly cheaper.  I use and book with the Hostel World app to locate highly rated hostels.
Space out the expense:  Sometimes you don't have to pay for it all at once.  Tours often just require a down payment and then you can save up for the rest to finish the payment before you go.  Most times the balance is usually due 60 days or so ahead of time.

4. Train for your adventure!
You will enjoy your adventure more if you are properly trained for it.  If you are going with a group, you are also being considerate of your aventure mates if you are fit enough for the challenges you face.
Training should incorporate strength, endurance, using the muscles you will need most, flexibility and balance.
Not sure where to begin?  Get a FREE phone consultation with my affiliate Marcus at Fit For Trips.  He can custom design a training program for you whether or not you belong to a gym.  He offers videos so you practice with good form.  It's affordable and you can save 10% by using the Coupon Code ATAKIT10.  You'll also be supporting this podcast at no additional cost to you - thanks!
You can listen to my interview with Marcus and learn more about Training here.

5. Get Travel Insurance!
 As much fun as adventure travel is, sometimes things go wrong.  And when they do, it can get REALLY expensive, especially if you are in a remote area or in a foreign country and need transport to a hospital!
 Many travel insurance companies do not cover adventures SO READ YOUR POLICY!  I recommend my affiliate World Nomads because they understand adventure, and I can't think of one adventure that I've covered on this program that would NOT be covered under their standard policy.
Travel insurance also helps (again read your policy) in case your trip gets interrupted or cancelled, you or a close relative gets sick (or dies), if your luggage gets lost or delayed and many other inconvenient and often expensive problems.  A good policy will offer medical emergency care and evacuation to a good hospital. When I travel to developing countries, I beef up the medical evacuation coverage just to be doubly safe.
 If you use my links, you'll also be supporting the show at no additional cost to you - thanks!
Does this show make a difference in your life?  Have you made plans based on this show, if so what?  Have you taken the trip? Can you please email me and let me know.  Better yet, use the recording app on your phone and email me your message so I can include it on a future show.  It really brightens my day when I hear from you. 
Email me your FEEDBACK on the program please.
Europe gets a disproportionate amount of episodes.  Are you cool with this or do you want more exotic locations?
I lean towards hiking and it shows on the episodes,  Do you want more biking holidays? Those that fill out my online survey on the website indicate that you aren’t that much into paddling, so I haven’t done many epsidoes there.  However my early whitewater rafting of the Colorado river with Mike is a consistent hit, and I can’t recommend more strongly doing the water fun I had in New Zealand. It seemed that every time I turned around I was in a wetsuit, yet never was I cold.  And lookign back, my fondest memories are my paddling activities, probably because that and the mountain biking were my least confident activites.
 I would like to build our community via the Active Travel Adventures Facebook Group.  Online we can connect. So please join me in helping to build our adventure community! 
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Complete Show Transcript
This is a machine transcribed transcript, so there will be boo boos in it.  However, you might find it helpful so I include it.
Kit: (00:00)
Welcome to the act of travel adventures podcast. I'm your host kit parks and today is a really special day for me. It's the 50th anniversary of this show, meaning 50 episodes, obviously not 50 years, but currently there are over 700,000 podcasts. Most folks like me who start a podcast have absolutely no idea what they're getting themselves into, how much time it's going to take, etc. So the vast majority of new podcasts succumb to something they call pod fade. The majority don't make it to eight episodes period. So 50 is a big milestone both for me and for the industry.
Kit: (00:34)
Kit: (00:36)
In fact, of all the podcasts listed, only 18% have released an episode in the last three months and less than 40% have put out a show in the last year. So this pod fade is a big deal. I don't want to bore you with all the stats and things like that about podcasts in particular, but I just wanted to let you know why I'm so excited that I did make it to the 50 and I continue to feel like we're going strong and we're doing something with this show. Just to give you a few more stats, so so far with the 50 episodes, I probably have put out more than 50 hours of podcast content and at the time of this recording you guys have listened to over 25,000 hours of Kit. Very humbling. I'm very honored and I hope that you are getting something good out of it. I know I'm having a blast doing it and I hope you're getting as much out of it as I am.
Kit: (01:27)
Kit: (01:28)
Each show takes me about 30 hours to produce even though you only see an hour of it. There are 21 different software things involved in the production of the show, the marketing of the show, putting them together, the the website itself, the travel players, all these different things that go together. So it's a lot of moving parts and I'm spinning plates constantly to try to put out a good show by myself. Although I am now hiring somebody to help do some editing in the future cause that's one of the time consuming things that I feel comfortable letting somebody else take out the ums and the Ahs and things like that for me. So I am trying to get a little bit of help there. But nonetheless for somebody who's not very techie to learn the 20 odd different softwares has been a big deal as well. I am still working on getting the tech right. I still have some bibles with this software and 70 equipment and all that, but I'm working on that. I'm also working on trying to speak a little slower. I know you're not seeing that very much, but I do get some feedback that I talk very fast and I will try to slow down a little bit in the future. I think I've improved, but I've got a way to go.
Kit: (02:37)
A lot of heavy podcasts users will speed up the time. You can play a podcast, you can do it like one and a half times or two times. That would be really hard with my shows. And like I said, I am speaking a little bit slower, but here is from a recent episode, which I thought was kind of funny at two times. Speed. Okay. Everybody can shut up, not just New Zealand, but the world's tallest commercially inevitable waterfall in the world. 21 feet. Thanks man. You'd get a headache listening to my show at two times speed.
Kit: (03:07)
So when I've spent all day fighting the technology, when the webpage won't load up or sometimes it's just disappeared or doing some funky things, the thing that gives me joy is when I hear from you and I get an email from you and tells me where you tell me, Oh, you've taken this trip because you heard about the Cotswold on the show or you got the confidence to try pushing yourself outside your comfort zone because of the people you've heard about on this show. So those really rock my boat and I encourage you to send me emails and tell me what's going on in your life. Tell me about your travels, et Cetera, at kit, at active travel, I absolutely adore getting your emails in the 50 episodes. I still have not improved my pronunciation. I probably will never get very good at that. I'm just a little clunky with the tongue and I just will continue to do the best I can and I'll put the spellings and all the show notes so you can find some of the locations that I'm butchering.
Kit: (04:05)
Looking through the different episodes. I find it really funny that the two most popular episodes to this date, even though the show has grown dramatically in 2019 like doubled in just the last couple of months, still to this date, two of my earliest episodes, the month long, and also Machu Picchu, each one done by a spouse, Linda Cohen. Dickens told us about her Montblanc adventure and her husband, Harry told us about their Machu Picchu adventure. Those two ironically run neck or neck for the most popular episodes downloaded. And if you haven't listened to them, I would encourage you to do so. They're great shows and in fact I think I'd like to in a single year do both of them myself and let's put it to the test and see which one becomes the most popular. I think that'd be pretty cool. So in we break out the different areas that we've gone to on this show.
Kit: (04:58)
We've only been to four locations in the United States and the recent late Joe Cassie state park has been a standout. That was a great episode showing you that you can have a very inexpensive adventure sometimes right in your backyard or something that's easy to get to and you can have a base and then do each day, whatever you feel like doing. And by having that one base planted people of different skill levels and desires and it makes for a nice family or group adventure holiday where everybody doesn't have to be in the same physical level, which is kind of cool.
Kit: (05:34)
And Africa, we only went to one place, but those were really popular because it was Kilimanjaro. And in fact that was my very first multipart series and that remains a favorite and still a big inspiration. Cindy was a couch potato who got it in her head that she was going to climb Kilimanjaro, so she lost 50 kilograms and seven months managed to train herself to get up that mountain. Really Sydney, we've been lots of places in Asia recently and most popular. Again, I think things are skewing a little bit towards the latter episodes because we have more listeners now the Vietnam and Cambodia by bike, which is something I'm really super keen on trying out myself next year. I was so inspired. That was a great episode. Courage you to listen to that Canada between Banff and Quebec Bamf is certainly shooting to the top. That is been one of the most popular episodes to date and that is also high on my list. It just sounds like the perfect spot where you can be based in one location if you want to and have all sorts of adventures. Really cool
Kit: (06:37)
in Central America. Our Costa Rica trip was the number one and that was a really fun and memorable for me because that's when I took my sister on her first adventure holiday and we climbed Chipo, which was a massive accomplishment. That's Costa Rica's, tallest mountain. Who knew they had tall mountains. It's actually the 38th highest mountain in the world and that was quite a challenge. I'm going to talk a little bit about that later so I won't go more into that. In South America, here we come with Machu Picchu as number one and that's the one we talked about earlier where Harry talked about his trek to Machu Picchu to be there to look at the sun gate at dawn. Super, Super Fun. Really cool.
Kit: (07:15)
Kit: (07:16)
In Europe, we've been to Europe lots of times in the last 50 episodes, and Linda, Harry's wife talking about their man block adventure rises far and beyond as number one of all of our European adventures. Although the Dolomites in the Italian lakes are trying their hardest to shoot for that number one slot. The Montblanc circuit, if you're not familiar with it, you're actually hiking through three countries and she did this with active, so they actually threw in a couple other activities as most of the active trips are not just hiking, they're predominantly hiking, but they usually throw on some kayaking or biking and give you an off day two in generally an adventure town where you can do all sorts of things. They pair of glided there, for example.
Kit: (07:59)
Kit: (07:59)
Down under, we did an episode in Australia and the New Zealand series and the New Zealand series by far has been a hit and I hope if nothing else you listened to third part of that series that came up in this very last episode. So you hear about some of the adventures that we did in the water and some of my final thoughts in New Zealand. That was bar none. The best trip I ever took in my life. It was fabulous. In addition to covering destinations. We also had a couple episodes on general information about benefits of venture travel, dealing with the fears of adventure travel training for adventure travel, and then the number one of the general information was the bucket list episode that's been super popular and everybody that's giving me feedback on their deck, they were so shocked because chase, the guy that I interviewed was pretty young but he's packed a lot of life in his young years and he was very wise and it was a good episode. So I encourage you to listen to that if you haven't done so already. I'm going to put links to all of the number one of each category in the show notes so that if you haven't listened to the whole series of the active travel adventures podcast, these are ones that you can cherry pick to get started and see what are some of the hits.
Kit: (09:16)
Kit: (09:16)
And like I said, because we've seen such explosive growth here in the last few months, a lot of the number one hits of each continent are the latter releases of that continent because more and more people are finding the show and I want to thank you for helping them find the show because it's because of you podcast or discovered mainly word of mouth. You can advertise all day long. You could do Facebook and Instagram and all that stuff, but people find a podcast because a friend has recommended it. So you would do me the greatest honor by sharing this podcast with your friends and helping them learn a little bit more about adventure travel and adding some adventure to their life.
Kit: (09:57)
Kit: (09:57)
all of the shows that we did in the last 50 episodes make me want to go there if I didn't do it already myself, but the one that appeals to me the most, most recently is that Vietnam, Cambodia by bike. I just thought that was such a cool trip. And what a great way to see the area. I liked that you had two guys as well, so you're getting a lot of the cultural interaction just with your own guides and you can cover a lot more territory because you're on bike versus by foot. Even though I'm an avid hiker and that's generally been my modus operandi. I think that next year I'm going to try to focus more on some of the cycling holidays and I'm interested in doing that. Vietnam, Cambodian, if anybody liked to join me, hit me up, send me an email and I'm going to try to coordinate.
Kit: (10:38)
Alexa, not hosting the trip. I'm just going, but I think it would be great to go with fellow active travel adventure listeners, so if you're interested in that trip, hit me up and let's try to coordinate something. I think there'd be a lot of fun. I also want to do the same thing with India, Karen and norm who I interviewed for Vietnam and Cambodia and then Emily who I interviewed about northern Thailand that hasn't been released yet. Both of them first found are to bicycle trips, their tour company by taking their Rajistan India trip. And they raved about it and I was like, oh shoot, I've always wanted to go to India. Little bit twitchy on that, but it sounded like a great introduction to India. So I'd like to add that to my list to do late fall, early winter next year on that. So if anybody's interested in joining me on that also hit me up by email. Let's see if we can coordinate something. That'd be great.
Kit: (11:33)
And as much as I want to inspire you to lead a bigger life through adventure travel, it truly has been you that inspires me. When I talked to you about your adventures, it makes me realize that if you can do it, I can do it. But conversely, if I can do it, you could do it too. So if you're listening out there and you haven't done it already, I mean, I'm just a 50 almost 59 year old widow. I didn't discover the outdoors until 10 years ago and adventure travel a few years later and has changed my life. And that's what I want to help you do as well. I think us reinforcing each other and giving each other confidence builds this loop of us increasing our self confidence and I just think it's super cool. I've talked to several of you on the phone and I think it's really cool to how quickly we seem to bond like we're old friends because somehow this common bond of loving the outdoors and loving adventure and with this medium on the podcast, that is a very intimate medium.
Kit: (12:32)
We're able to find our people. We indeed are friends even if we haven't met yet and whenever we do finally meet in person or on the phone, it's like we had this instant bond and I just think it's fantastic and I love chatting with you, not just the emails. If you're ever open to a quick phone call, use the link that I put in the show notes and on the website or via email and let me know. I'm going to put a link to my calendar on the show notes and on the website. So if you'd like to, to have a phone chat, sign up on my calendar and I'll give you a holler. That way you can schedule a time that's convenient for you and I'm just want to ask you about yourself. Find out what you'd like to do, find out what you like about the show, what you don't like about the show we just talked for about 15 minutes.
Kit: (13:18)
I think that'd be kind of fun. The reason I do this podcast is because it helps me lead a bigger life and I want to help you lead a bigger life too because I really believe that adventure travel is a great conduit for us to do so. So my goal is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone. The way the people I'm meeting and talking to are inspiring me to do the same. Neuroscience tells us that we're already pre wired to seek adventure. Yet when you think about it, how many of us actually have adventure in our daily lives? Not Too many of us.
Kit: (13:59)
Dopamine, that's that feel good drug that our body creates. Whenever we get excited or curious about something that's a natural byproduct of going on an adventure. As your body is churning out this dopamine, it helps give you encouragement to tackle whatever your upcoming challenges such as that 21 foot waterfall. I rafted it over my last episode and the thrill of doing that waterfall just gave me the biggest high and your body's also releasing dopamine. Just when you think about your exciting upcoming adventures, that's yet another reason to add a venture to your life. So whenever you make it to the top of a mountain that you worked really hard to get to. When you've earned that view, your endorphins are just coursing through your body like a hit of opium and in fact it is a bit of opioids that we are producing and that's what's giving us that high.
Kit: (14:51)
So when people like me or Paula, who I interviewed yesterday tells me I don't have an addictive personality, but I am addicted to adventure travel. I totally agree. The same thing happened to me and it also happened to my sister Terry when we went on our Costa Rica trip and you can hear it in the voices of my interviewees. There's just no turning back. Once you experience adventure travel for yourself, I also like how adventure travel changes me and makes me a better person and a more disciplined person. Right now I'm training for my upcoming Middle East hiking adventures and in the course of my weekly training, there's two things I really don't like to do running, I don't like doing period, but now I'm running with interval training and then also I've got to do a bunch of steps because I live where it's flat and I have no place to train for any kind of inclines except for steps, so it's super boring.
Kit: (15:50)
However, I'm training for this upcoming adventure is mentally easier for me than it has been any other previous trip. Why is that? I think that adventure travel and taking on challenging trips build your grit bone so you get better at better at doing the things you don't want to do and don't feel like doing because you know there's a great payoff in the end. And if there's something in my training for that matter, even my life scheduled today, that must be done. It must be done in a certain day. I believe it's this grip bone that I'm building through adventure travel that's helped me to build the discipline I need to get these mandatory unfun things out of the way first so then I can get on with the business of my day. And you know, as I do, most people don't do that. They procrastinate. And so most people never get to where they want to go because they blow off all these necessary steps that they need to in order to get there. Oh, I'm going to start tomorrow. I'm going to do up Monday, but tomorrow never comes. However you and I do take these steps and that's what makes us different. And Dare I say special
Kit: (17:02)
now only does adventure travel. Build your grip bone but also flexes your courage muscles. With each new adventure you get more and more comfortable being uncomfortable, particularly if you do what I call plus one and your adventures so that each time you push yourself just a little bit more outside your comfort zone, you're starting to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your greatest growth and satisfaction comes from literally making yourself do the things you're not a hundred percent confident you can do. And the thing is you can do it and once you see that you're capable of far more than you gave yourself credit for you almost drown and all that dopamine and endorphins we were talking about earlier and it's a seriously happy, drown, a great self confidence. And yet I know there's some of you listening that are inspired to try these adventures. They've never done anything like this before.
Kit: (17:57)
Kit: (17:58)
So what I've done is I've started a new podcast called the adventure travel show podcast that comes out on alternate Thursdays to this show. And the goal of this new show is to give you the information and the tools that you need. So you'll have confidence to go on these adventures, regular adventures. I think we'll find some helpful information in each episode as well.
Kit: (18:20)
Some of my early episodes in the show teach you how to choose load and pack your backpack, how to choose a water treatment system so you don't have to carry so much heavy water. Now, water is heavy. It weighs like eight pounds a gallon or kilogram per liter. So it's a great show if you like to hike, but don't want to be lugging around any unnecessary water weight. I'm covering nutrition and training and much more. So if you haven't checked out the adventure travel show podcast, please do so and I sure encourage you to subscribe to it. I want you to trust me and try adventure travel. And if you're already a committed adventure, one to introduce somebody who's not, it's going to give you the greatest joy to see the look on their face when they conquer their first challenge. My sister Terry did her first adventure with me in Costa Rica on day two.
Kit: (19:12)
We got up at 3:00 AM to summit Costa Rica's, Tallest Mountain Chitty Pole. We hiked virtually straight up nine miles the day before to the base camp and then we did the final three miles before dawn so we could catch the sunrise on top of the world, or at least on top of Costa Rica's world. You could not wipe that smile off our faces. I'm going to post the picture on the website. It was an extremely challenging hike at over 12,500 foot with more than 7,000 foot elevation gain in just 12 miles. Huge. I was, like I said, it was like straight up and you had to deal with the altitude as well.
Kit: (19:50)
Kit: (19:52)
so to this day when my sister Terry faces some kind of a daunting challenge, she tells herself, I climbed Chitty Pole, I can handle this, and that's what adventure travel can do for you. It gives you that confidence in yourself and gives you something fun as a fun way to do it as well. My goal for the future is to continue to bring new, some amazing adventures from around the world. And of course I'm gonna be covering my upcoming Middle East adventures in Jordan. My guide is the first Arab woman to hike the seven summits, which is the highest mountains on each continent. And I actually signed up for this tour just to meet her. I have no desire to hike any of those mountains. I don't do altitude very well and some I like 8,000 below when possible. But I am impressed that anybody's able to do this and I especially wanted to meet her in particular, Michelangelo once said, the greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it, but then we aim too low and we reach it. And to that I would add and settle for that low bar. Don't you want to kick ass life? I know I do and I'm going for it.
Kit: (21:09)
Think about that. So even if you try something, let's say I tried shooting ball as some of the my travel mates did and didn't make it to the top, I still would be proud of myself because I worked darn hard to get up there. And the guys that didn't make it, they still pushed themselves above their normal activity level. So good on them. And the New Zealand trip, I didn't do so well on the mountain biking. So what I pushed myself and I know I'll do better next time. I build my confidence even when things don't go the way I thought they were going to go. And I believe that especially when you expand your horizons and step outside your comfort zone, that's where you get the self esteem and that's where your boldness will grow. I want to encourage you, not just in your travels, but in life to always try to plus one outside your comfort zone and get a little bit more comfortable being uncomfortable. It's going to make a huge difference in your quality of life and your joy of life
Kit: (22:10)
for the umpteenth time. Somebody said to me today, oh, they wish they could go on some of these cool adventures I've been doing guys. There's nothing special about me. Anyone can do this. The difference is I actually take the steps to do it and you can too. The first thing you got to do is choose your adventure, figure out. Do you want something? Are you an adrenaline junky? I'm not, but a lot of people are listen to Manny, Carol from New Zealand. They just love things that make you scared to death. I don't do that. I just hike for pretty, so for me, I look for something that's going to be what's beautiful. I want to see the incredible places that sometimes you can only see if you've got to work for it. You got a backpack to it or hike up to it. Sometimes I want to do an adventure that's going to test and push myself. Sometimes I want to explore a completely foreign culture to step outside my comfort zone that way and see their country and the people through their landscapes. So I figure out what kind of events you want to do and pick something.
Kit: (23:14)
Use the search on the directory tab or just browse through the different destinations we've covered on that page.
Kit: (23:25)
You can do it by category, time of year activity, all sorts of different ways. So if that makes it really easy to help narrow down what to do. And then the second thing you do is block off the time someday is not a day of the week. I don't know who said that, but that is so true. So pick time. You want to do it, figure out what's the best time of year. And you can look through the travel planners that I produced to all own all the different adventures to find something in the month that you can get off or whatever the timeframe is. You can get off and then commit to that time frame and then back into it and figure out how you're gonna pull it off. Mark that time in pen on your calendar and make it happen. When your dream and your goal is concrete and you have put it down the counter, this is what I'm going to do, this is what I'm going to do it. And you start telling people, tell them at work, tell them at home, tell your friends, make it real to them and to you.
Kit: (24:20)
And in the meantime, consider doing some micro adventures on your weekly time off, whether it's the weekend or the nights. There's something somewhere where you live that's a little bit different for you. And it doesn't have to be a climbing or hiking. It could be just exploring a different cuisine or different music scene or just something different that's different. That's unusual for you to step outside your comfort zone. Get practice doing that in little ways too at home and all sorts of different ways. It'll help you get out of your Rut and it's going to make a happier, healthier you. And since most adventures are exercise and disguise, you're going to have more energy. Like for example, I'm training right now for this fall trip I told you about and it's taken me like an hour and a half to two hours a day. Normally only exercise about an hour a day.
Kit: (25:10)
However, I decided because I put on what I call my podcast Poochie, it was 10 pounds. Now it's gone up to 15 pounds since I started this podcast is since I spend so much time behind the computer now instead of moving around the way I used to, I decided I'm going to combine my training with trying to get myself truly in shape physically and get back to the way I used to be and I'm like, how on earth am I going to pull off this time? But the thing is is that because I'm focusing first thing in the morning, bang it out, get it done. I have so much energy that I'm still as productive as I was, even though I'm working an hour less each day. So no more excuses when I get back from that trip. I'm going to keep up this intensity because I cannot believe that I can get my body back the way I want it and still get my work done. People, oh, I don't have the money. Adventure doesn't have to be expensive, but the single thing that you can do to make it happen and afford it is to pay yourself first. When you get paid, don't even touch it. You just slide it right into a savings account that you dedicate to travel. Well, I don't care if it's 20 bucks to start with whatever it is, stick it in your travel savings account, preferably on automatic draft.
Kit: (26:33)
Kit: (26:34)
And obviously you want to put as much as you can afford so that you'll have more options for your travel. And I think you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much you can save. Pick a number that you think, oh, I can afford this amount. I'm kidding. Let's, let's say $100 put in 120 instead, 20% more than you think that you can afford. I'll bet you don't miss the difference. I know that that's how I started saving and I was like, oh my gosh, I don't even miss it. So every January I actually give myself a raise because I figured when I save is what I've actually, that's my real earnings, not what I get paid. It's what I save. And so now my travel budget goes up. Everything all across the board, all my savings buckets all go up and I love it.
Kit: (27:16)
And it's, it's amazing how quickly it could accumulate. You won't miss it cause you live off of what's left. When I was younger, I thought of savings as deprivation. Now I think of it as a reward, big difference, a big mental mind shift. And then the second thing is when certain things come in that may not be as expensive, try to pay for those not out of your travel savings account. That way your travel savings account keeps building and building. So on like on this Middle East trip that I'm doing, it's that massive trip. Very, very convoluted. Lots of bills here and there and deposits here in final payments here and taking a train there and all that. Yes, the tours were expensive. I had to take those out of the travel budget. However, all the incidental things I had to buy, I've been able to cash flow because I've been working on this plan for about seven, eight months now, so I haven't really missed most of the expense of this trip.
Kit: (28:11)
So anyway, so set up your savings account, do it automatically so you don't have to think about it. Treat it like a bill tin, like it's a utility bill that your mental health bill as far as I'm concerned. And then try to cashflow the little stuff so that way you let that account build and build and not all adventures have to cost a lot of money. If you look back at episode number 22 on Pisgah national forest on a national forest, that trip costs me maybe a hundred bucks in gas and then you can camp for free in the National Force. I did a camp ground one night, but I didn't have to, I could have stayed in the forest the whole time. I brought my own food and drink, so all I bought was ice and a good map. So for about 125 bucks, I had a wonderful vacation.
Kit: (28:54)
Same thing when I took my mom too late. Your Kasey there? We rented a cabin on the lake. It's a two bedroom cabin that would sleep five but there's gobs of room that with air mattresses and sleeping pads and sleeping things, you know, easily six to eight people could have gone and get in same hundred bucks for the gas. The cabin was 140 bucks a night and if you split that up over the course of a week and bring your own food and drink good, you got to eat anyway. You could do that for less than $200 a person for whole week, let's say camping's not your thing, thank hostels outside of North America. Hustles are a big thing and a lot of them are really nice and you can even get a private room in some of them and they're not just for kids. I as I thought, it wasn't until I met some ladies that were hitchhiking in Rica about 10 years ago. I was like, you can do that. And so often I choose hostels because I liked the going to the community room or the common room and chatting with people from all over the world. It gives me some socialization since I'm now traveling solo and I love it and I get people to go out to dinner with and I've actually kept up with, I'd say three or four people I've met in hostels that I keep up with it to this day.
Kit: (30:06)
Kit: (30:06)
So hostels are a very inexpensive way to sleep at night.
Kit: (30:09)
Kit: (30:10)
You can save money on flights. If you go to my companion podcast, adventure travel show podcast, episode number seven, I teach you how to get cheaper flights. I'll put links to that in the show notes as well.
Kit: (30:23)
Kit: (30:24)
And a lot of times too, let's say you're doing a tour that that includes all your combinations and all that. Many of them just required deposit to hold the space. And then you've got, if you're planning for in advance, you've got months to pay for the rest of the trip. So you can break it out into monthly payments or save it in your savings account and then finish off the balance before you have before the deadlines, usually like 60 days ahead of time and most cases. So so far we've chosen our adventure. We blocked off the time, we figured out how to pay for it. Now you've got to train for it.
Kit: (30:58)
Kit: (30:59)
And did you, so first you've got to assess where you are physically and where do you need to be in order to be successful at your adventure? And this is expecially true if you're going at the group because it's not fair to just show up untrained because then knew be dragging down the rest of the group. It's okay to be at the back of the pack. I'm often at the back of the pack on the non hiking things. Hiking, I'm usually in the middle or or the front, but in the biking I'm doing a pretty much count on me being in the rear. However, I'm fit enough that I'm not holding anybody up and say that's gotta be your goal
Kit: (31:31)
and if you want to make sure that you are ready for your trip, I have an affiliate relationship with fit for trips and you can get a 10% discount using the Promo Code Atta Kit 10 a t a k I t 10 I will put a link to that in the show notes as well and Marcus will give you a free phone consultation, kind of assess where you are and then he'll come up with a custom plan that you will get online and some videos and all of that so that that way you'll have the confidence that you can do the adventure that you've set your sights on.
Kit: (32:01)
Don't forget too, to get insurance and adventures. You know sometimes things can go wrong and you want to make sure that if something does go wrong or for some unexplained reason you can't go on the trip. Let's say somebody gets sick or God forbid dies, you want to cover all that stuff. So I always recommend getting travel insurance and if you're doing adventures I would recommend world nomads, which is also another one of my affiliates. I will put links to that in the show notes too and if you use them you're also helping to support the program, which I would appreciate as these costs of keeping this program going is starting to climb up a little bit. So anytime you can I would appreciate you using my links because often they are affiliate and do help support the program at no additional cost to you. So it's a win win for both of us.
Kit: (32:45)
Kit: (32:46)
Sal, we've trained, we've got her insurance negative, forgot what kind of gear do you need so think ahead, start collecting or buying what you need. I am putting together a lot of these on the new show and I'll have more as things come along newest. Nice. But it doesn't have to be new. Lots of stuff you can buy used online. So what if it's a couple of seasons old? Most of it's still pretty darn good. Like I said, I'm going to be building up the gear guides on this site and hope to have that up sooner rather than later.
Kit: (33:21)
And the thing is usually don't need as much as you think you do. You want to pack light Lao. These companies will try, oh, you need this, this, this and this. Hogwash. And a lot of it. So you want just the bare bones so that way you're enjoying it, not lug extra stuff you don't necessarily need or want. And this is really super important too. Don't just show up with your gear of tag still on it, test it, know how to use it before you go. In fact, before my first backpacking trip, every Tuesday night for two months, I don't care what the weather was, rain or shine, hot or cold, I camped in my own backyard. That way I was able to set up camp, tear it down. I don't care what the weather or the temperature was that way I already developed my habits. I knew at night, where do I keep my chap stick? Where do I keep my head lamp? And so I had a system before even when of my adventure. Then when I was on my adventure, things are automatic. The habits were formed. So we are ready to go on the adventure and go, just go. And that's whenever I ask anybody on the shows that when I interviewed them I was like, what advice will you give? I don't think anybody has said anything, but go. Just go because they are so much fun. I got some questions for you moving forward.
Kit: (34:37)
Kit: (34:39)
Does this show make a difference in your life? Have you made any plans based on this show and if so, what? Where have you taken the trip? Please email me. Let me know. And better yet if there's a recording or a voice memo app on your phone. How about sending me an audio email? That way I might be able to put it on the show and that others here. I think that'd be cool.
Kit: (35:08)
Give me some feedback. I know I talk too fast. Does that bug you? Do you need more pauses and I get excited and that makes me have like a diarrhea of the mouth. I'm sorry about that. I'm working on that. Let me have your feedback on the show. Is My talking too fast bother you? I've got one. One person said they actually liked it cause I didn't waste their time. But is it hard for you to understand me because I talk so fast. Let me know. Also, I cover an awful lot of Europe, almost disproportionate the amount of the episodes I put out. Are you cool with this or do you want more exotic locations? Also, I tend to lean towards hiking and it also shows the choices of the episodes I put out. Do you want to see more biking holidays? I know that people that have taken my online survey, lot of them indicate they're not really into the paddling, so I haven't done too many episodes there.
Kit: (36:00)
Nonetheless, one of my early episodes on Whitewater rafting, the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon has been a consistent hit and I gotta tell you I can't recommend more highly all of the water events I did New Zealand. It seems like every time I turned around I was in a wet suit again, even though I was never called cause I hate the cold. I was always comfortable. Even when I was in the river when the guide, I was doing a rafting trip and the guides would go ahead and jump in. The water is like wet, it's freezing. I was perfectly comfortable and looking back I would have to save. Most of my fondest memories of that trip were my paddling activities that and the mountain biking. And that's probably because I was the least confident in my abilities in those. And I did it and it was fun and I felt good, felt good about the activity.
Kit: (36:50)
I felt good about me. And lastly, I'd like to build our community, the active troubled ventures community via the Facebook group. And I know I have been really bad at it. My plate has been so full these last couple of years trying to get the show off the ground. I still have my regular paying business, which is a full time job. So adding another 30 hours a week to do this show. It's a, it's been a lot. It would be a great place for us to get together and meet other people like us. Like when I was talking to Paula yesterday, she said, you know, my friends and family think I'm crazy. It's like same here. I don't know anybody in my class. There's nobody in my immediate circle that does this kind of thing. And she and I were just chatting like we'd known each other forever and I'd like to see us do that in the Facebook groups.
Kit: (37:37)
I'm going to commit when I get back from the my Middle East trip in middle of November, I would like to get really active in that Facebook group that I've been really slack on and I apologize and I'd like to see you and meet you there too. And let's do this. Let's get to know each other. I have met some amazing people in this last two years doing the show and you're out there. You're all out there. But we're scattered and we're scattered over 136 countries. I find that incredible. I think it would be so cool to meet each other and get to know each other in the group. Active travel adventures would not be here without you. And I think we're building something really special here and I cannot wait to see what the next year and the future episodes bring. So here's to our next 50 episodes. I'm super grateful to you for listening through all these shows and cheering me up when I need it and giving me feedback and being on the show, all the things that come together to make this what has become, and I'm just so grateful. Please email me your I look forward to hearing from you. You bright my day every time I get a letter. Thanks for sharing the 50th anniversary with me. Until next time, this is kit parks adventure on.

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