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Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast where you'll find inspiration to lead a bigger life through adventure travel.

On each show we explore exciting multi-day active vacations from around the world where you have to MOVE!  You'll have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride (sometimes in combination) to propel yourself to the next destination.

If you're tired of typical vacations and are looking for a more authentic experience by exploring the landscapes and meeting the locals on your vacation, then this is your podcast!

All adventures will be doable for someone reasonably fit (I'm a 58 year old woman and I have to be able to do them).

Be sure to visit to see photos and get more details, plus you can download the FREE Travel Planners for each destination!  These handy summaries summarize the tips and provide all sorts of helpful links to help you plan your trip.  You get them automatically if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Jan 20, 2022

Hike, bike and paddle Slovenia on this multi-day, self-guided tour of one of Kit’s favorite countries.  We explore Slovenia’s Triglav National Park region and visit Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.  

We hike the base area of the Julian Alps from Kranjska Gora.  We bike from there to Lake Bled.  We raft the Sava River, and...

Jan 6, 2022

Find new binge worthy travel podcasts in the annual list of the 25 Best Travel Podcasts to check out in the coming year.

You'll find inspiration, discover destination ideas and insights, travel tips and hacks, learn industry insider news and hear great travel stories among this group of the top 25 travel podcasts for...

Dec 16, 2021

Hike the Dolomites in the Italian Alps

Kit was so inspired by her interview of Annie in Episode 21 about her adventures hiking in the Dolomites, that she booked the same tour and tells you all about it on today's show.

Not only do we hike the majestic UNESCO Dolomites, but we also bike a beautiful rail to trails path,...

Dec 2, 2021

Bike Pack the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany

Learn how to bike pack the 360 mile Erie Canal Trail :  what you'll see, when to go, how many miles per day, where to sleep, and what gear to take. Learn how to plan your epic multi-day biking adventure and much more.  Get insights into general bike packing from an...

Nov 18, 2021

Travel Tips and Insights

On this far reaching show, Kit highlights the lessons learned over more than a year and a half on the road, including her USA Road Trip in her camper van, Sophie, plus her long term travel in Europe.

We discuss:

  • Myth Busted:  Travel is Expensive : I can't afford it
  • Myth Busted:  Travel is...