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All adventures will be doable for someone reasonably fit (I'm a 58 year old woman and I have to be able to do them).

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Feb 19, 2019

EP040 : Show Notes St. Olav’s Way with Sherry Ott of Ottsworld


St. Olaf’s Way is a series of seven long distance pilgrimage paths through rustic Norway, away from the crowds.  Just 1000 people complete the paths each year compared to over 200,000 for the El Camino in Spain.


Our guest today, Sherry Ott of the popular travel blog, Otts World, describes her experience hiking a section of one of the St. Olaf’s Way trails.  A nomadic traveler and avid long-distance hiker for over a decade, Sherry says that this trail ranks in her TOP THREE of all time!


Links mentioned in this episode:

15 Benefits of Adventure Travel

El Camino (Spain)

Annapurna (Nepal)

Kungsleden (Sweden)

Packing List


Sherry’s Blog Post on St. Olaf’s Way

Maine Hut to Hut hiking or skiing



00:00   Intro

00:20   The problem of over-tourism

04:27   Meet Sherry Ott of

05:01   How Sherry got in to adventure travel

08:58   St Olav Ways as a pilgrimage, for personal growth or mental/physical health

11:20   Going solo

12:32   Lodging

15:56   No luggage transfer at this time:  carry everything

18:13   The landscape and how it is harder than the El Camino

20:00   Hiking sticks

20:26   When to go

21:34   Are the trails well signed

22:18   Paths and planning

22:58   What if you can’t speak Norwegian

24:16   Meeting locals and other hikers

26:13   Trondheim at the end of the paths

27:22  The other paths

28:45   St Olav - who was he

31:50   Sherry’s favorite memories

33:32   What Sherry wished she’d known beforehand

34:41   How to dress

35:12   How Sherry compares this hike to other long distance hikes she’s done


37:29   Sherry to hike Japan

39:20   Kit’s take














Overtourism article:


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