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Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast where you'll find inspiration to lead a bigger life through adventure travel.

On each show we explore exciting multi-day active vacations from around the world where you have to MOVE!  You'll have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride (sometimes in combination) to propel yourself to the next destination.

If you're tired of typical vacations and are looking for a more authentic experience by exploring the landscapes and meeting the locals on your vacation, then this is your podcast!

All adventures will be doable for someone reasonably fit (I'm a 58 year old woman and I have to be able to do them).

Be sure to visit to see photos and get more details, plus you can download the FREE Travel Planners for each destination!  These handy summaries summarize the tips and provide all sorts of helpful links to help you plan your trip.  You get them automatically if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Mar 18, 2021

There are two segments in today’s show.  First we talk about traveling together to Central and South America in 2022, and then we discuss US Camper Van travel in “Sophie”, my 2011 Sprinter Conversion.  We head to Hagan-Stone County Park and Hanging Rock State Park in NC before arriving in Roanoke, VA.


Since I travel solo, sometimes (frankly, a LOT of times) it gets lonely.   Since so many of you expressed interest in going with me to Costa Rica, I thought you might be interested in joining me on some of my other adventures.


  • Costa Rica Coast to Coast Camino:  May 2022 Date to be determined:  Write to be added to the Wait List and to get info:  Kit [ at ] Active Travel Adventures [dot] com

* Galapagos "Tortuga" August 5-14, 2022

* Ecuador "Tapir"  August 14-20, 2022

* Machu Picchu "Jaguar" October 2-11, 2022

* Patagonia "Condor" November 9 - 22, 2022

 The Galapagos, Ecuador, Machu Picchu and Patagonia trips are booked through my affiliate Active Adventures   [Write to me for a special ATA Promo Code to save $200!].  Get information here.  Be sure to tell them that you want to go on the same tour as Kit in case they are running simultaneous tours and so that I ge credit, which at no additional cost to you, helps to defray some of my costs of production - thanks!

If you are nervous about booking due to Covid, or ANY reason, Active offers a very generous Active Assurance program.  This allows you to change your mind up to 30 days in advance, and get a refund except for your 100% fully transferable $500 deposit.  You can even change which tour, which dates and even who's using the deposit.  You can't lose!


Hagan-Stone State Park

Hanging Rock State Park

Reserve America - To make park camping reservations

John C. Campbell Folk Art School, NC

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