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Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast where you'll find inspiration to lead a bigger life through adventure travel.

On each show we explore exciting multi-day active vacations from around the world where you have to MOVE!  You'll have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride (sometimes in combination) to propel yourself to the next destination.

If you're tired of typical vacations and are looking for a more authentic experience by exploring the landscapes and meeting the locals on your vacation, then this is your podcast!

All adventures will be doable for someone reasonably fit (I'm a 58 year old woman and I have to be able to do them).

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Dec 16, 2018

Seven Reasons to Solo Travel

There are lots of reasons you might travel solo:

  1. Maybe youcan't find anyone to travel where you want to go, when you want to go.  If you want to go, but aren't comfortable going completely on your own, considersmall group travel.  Be aware of any single supplements and look for companies that pair you with someone if you don't want to pay extra to travel alone. ATA affiliate, Active Adventures,is one such company.
  2. You need some time to yourself to just THINK!If you need to figure some things out in your life, consider taking a long distance hike or cycling trip.  You'll have all day to yourself, but will meet people along the way for when you could use a little company.  Check out my West Highland Wayand Cottswold Waylong distance walking holiday adventures for some inspiration.
  3.  You want to develop your'Grit Bone' or what Jackie calls her"Courage Muscles". There's nothing like adventure travel, and in particular, solo travel to test your mettle and to expand what you think possible for yourself!  It's a great way to boost your self esteem and self reliance, too!  If you want to feel empowered, try adventure travel, and in particular SOLO Adventure Travel!
  4.  It's easier to meet new people when you travel solo.  Locals are more likely to come up to introduce themselves when they see you alone, so you'll havemore local interaction.
  5.  You'lldevelop better problem solving skills.  When it's just you, YOU have to figure out what to do when something goes awry.  You'll learn that you are quite good at finding a solution, no matter how clumsy it is, when you know that you simply HAVE to!
  6.  You'll discover what you really like and dislike:  when your schedule is completely your own, you have to make ALL the decisions, from what time to wake up, to what, when and where to eat, to how to spend your time, etc.  If you go someplace and decide you've had enough, you can simply leave without conferring with travel mates, or you can spend all day in a museum that rocks your boat, but would bore your normal partner.
  7.  Traveling solo can sometimes be lonely, soeven introverts learn how to strike up a conversation (my go to questions is,"So how was your day?"  You'll always find other solo travelers at the bar next to a hostel, so head there at cocktail hour to find others that would love to chat.  For that matter, consider even staying in a hostel so you can meet folks in the common areas.  Many offer single rooms so you don't have to sleep dorm style.  

Alternately, stay at an Airbnb where the people live there as well and the comments from previous guest indicate that the hosts like to be social with guests.  Consider Couchsurfing.  Also sign up to do a Walking Tour or other group activity to meet others.  See if there are any interesting Meetupsgoing on while you're in town and reach out to the group organizer to attend.

Solo Travel Tips and Rules

I've been traveling solo for five years now and I've come up with some rules that help keep me safe and reduce stress (in no particular order):

  1. When 'winging it' while traveling, I make sure that I know where I am going to sleep before noon.
  2. Whenever possible, I make sure that I arrive at the night's accommodations before dark.
  3. When out, I never leave my food or drink unattended.
  4. Don't drink too much or do any drugs.  Get back to your room at a reasonable hour.
  5. Be careful of overly cautious locals who might be setting you up... does someone on the bus or train act like your best friend and rush to try to share a cab with you?  This could be a setup: the cabbie could be a partner in crime.  Check theUS State Dept Travel advisoryfor the country you are visiting to see what the current local scams are.  Register your trip with theSmart Traveler Program.
  6. Ask your hotel to call you a cab or take highly ratedUber or Lyfts to avoid rogue cabbies. 
  7.  Ask a local to circle bad areas on a paper map.
  8.  Be mindful of your surroundings at all times and have an exit plan. 
  9.  Hold onto your luggage, going so far as to bike lock it to yourself should you be on a long train or bus where you might sleep.
  10.  Make sure someone knows where you are supposed to be and what time you are supposed to arrive AND when to sound an alarm should he or she not hear from you.

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